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NEW! The Esmail Eruptor™

Partially erupted teeth can present a challenge in fixed appliance treatment. By using this novel approach, a partially erupted tooth can be fully ligated into the fixed appliance within a single visit, ensuring timely completion of the treatment without compromising treatment objectives.


OTES (Single tube)    OTED (Double tube)

€ 34,80


NEW! Reliawax

NEW! Reliawax

Wax-like Protection in a Syringe

Reliawax is a reliable and revolutionary wax-like protection in a syringe that provides enduring comfort for your patients. The standard orthodontic patient wax may last a couple of hours or at most a couple of days. Reliawax will stay for 6-8 weeks.


€ 25,90

1,5 g + 10 tips

NEW! Reliabox

- Spaces for 28 tweezers – 4 quadrants
- Freedom to pre-paste any bracket / tube
- Pre-pasting up to 7 days before bonding
- No need for assistance at the chair
- Saves time for you and your patients
- Watch video

RERBX  Reliabox without tweezers  € 209,90

OTBOTW  Reliabox with 28 tweezers  € 1270,20  € 1.190,-

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Updates to ClearCorrect's premier aligner product and supporting software

More customizable, visual, and insightful: the ClearCorrect digital workflow introduces new features and improvements to take your digital orthodontic practice even further. ClearPilot 7.0 empowers you with more control over your treatment plans, including visualization tools like Bite Jump Simulation, and advanced editing tools for arch adjustments and new ClearControl™ Clinical Features.


NEW by 3M

NEW by 3M

Polish with diamonds
No paste

Sof-Lex Diamond Polishing System

Sof-Lex™ Diamond Polishing System
How to use the Sof-Lex™



Print your own aligners with Graphy


Exclusive distributor for Belgium and Luxembourg




Torquing Springs

Torquing Springs

€ 61,90

OTA00466   O-T TORQUING SPRING 016X022 1X10

OTA00467   O-T TORQUING SPRING 019X025 1X10

OTA00474   O-T TORQUING SPRING 018X025 1X10

Myofunctional Trainers

Myofunctional Trainers

Starting at 44,90 €

Products in the spotlight

Single tube Esmail eruptor™
Single tube Esmail eruptor™


Ref.: OTES

€ 34,80
More info
Power Arms
Power Arms


Ref.: Left: OTPAL - Right: OTPAR

€ 30,00
Energy Chain
Energy Chain

1 spool

Ref.: OTECM06...

€ 57,90

U & L

Ref.: SD07-0089

€ 16,90
3M™ Forsus™ Wire Mount .022
3M™ Forsus™ Wire Mount .022


Ref.: 3M885-152

€ 65,00


Esmail eruptor Single tube

3M™ APC™ Flash-Free

ClearCorrect™: ClearPilot features: The Control is in Your Hands

Graphy - World's first 3D printing aligner

Carriere® Motion™ Class II Appliance

Carriere® Motion™ 3D for Class III with SLX 3D Brackets

Carriere® Motion™ Class II Appliance Placement Video

The Motion is a direct bond appliance that attaches to the maxillary canine and first permanent molar, providing a simple procedure for turning complex Class II patients into a Class I platform. Once a Class I condition is achieved, malocclusions become easier to treat and can be finished with your preferred orthodontic technique. Since there are no competing forces in the mouth when using this appliance, average Class II correction can usually be achieved in just three to four months.

Placement of Ortho-FlexTech Fixed Lingual Retention Wire

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